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Links and more #34 links
published 2 years ago (Mon Dec 14 2015) – written in English English

Microsoft COCO – Common Objects in Context Open-Data-Portal der Deutschen Bahn New Algorithm Gives Photos the Look of Famous Paintings PDF Explanations of runtime environment variables for Go applications Fault Tolerance in a High Volume, Distributed System read more

Nov 22 2015 Links and more #33 links

NeuralTalk2 - Recurrent Neural Network captions your images Yoke - Postgres high-availability cluster Go Proverbs Plotly.js Open-Source Announcement [GitHub] Learn to Speak or Teach Better ... read more

May 28 2015 Links and more #32 links

Time-lapse Mining from Internet Photos Elliptic Curve Cryptography: A gentle introduction Top 10 data mining algorithms in plain english How to center in CSS Papers ... read more

May 17 2015 Links and more #31 links

pandas – Python Data Analysis Library Big data analytics with Pandas and SQLite Apache Tika – parser for various file formats – machine learning ... read more

Apr 11 2015 Links and more #30 links

Postman – a nice API explorer and testing tool NSQ – a realtime distributed messaging platform written in Go Octotree – browser extension to browse ... read more

Apr 6 2015 Links and more #29 links

So Long Scrum, Hello Kanban Go 1.5 concurrent garbage collector pacing 10 JavaScript libraries to draw diagrams Videos and slides for the ISLR book and ... read more

Feb 21 2015 Links and more #28 links

Here we go, my first link collection in 2015. Have fun! Machine learning in online dating Auto-Dating with Eigenfaces Reduce allocation in Go code Interesting ... read more

Dec 20 2014 Links and more #27 links routenplaner

First of all: I opensourced my route planning software on GitHub: Have fun with it! Machine Learning course by Tim Mitchell mlpack: a scalable ... read more

Dec 6 2014 Links and more #26 links

geo - S2 geometry library in Go Delve: Go debugger (on GitHub) ratelimit - Efficient token-bucket-based rate limiter package pg_shard - PostgreSQL extension to scale ... read more

Nov 26 2014 Links and more #25 links

JSON Schema APIs.json - discovery format for APIs Free ebook: Statistical Inference for Everyone (sie) ConvNetJS - Deep Learning in your browser Semantic-UI - UI ... read more

Nov 18 2014 Links and more #24 links

Gobot - robotics library for Go (including AR.Drone, Raspberry Pi, and Arduino) The Math Behind Bitcoin Project Oberon (New Edition 2013) Let’s Encrypt - a ... read more

Nov 6 2014 Links and more #23 links machine learning

JSON-LD - JSON for Linking Data JSON-LD and MongoDB c4 - C in four functions Information Retrieval Free ebook: Introduction to Information Retrieval Datasets provided ... read more

Nov 3 2014 Links and more #22 links machine learning

Quadtree data structure Splay tree - self-adjusting binary search tree with quick access for recently accessed elements ql - a pure Go embedded SQL database ... read more

Nov 2 2014 Links and more #21 links machine learning

msgpack - binary serialization format Geohash and open location code - ways for encoding geographic positions dotGo 2014 conference videos Go 1.4 changes bleve - ... read more

Oct 25 2014 Links and more #20 links

Hooray! My 20th link collection. :-) Here it is, have fun: GoClipse 0.9.0 is out go oracle: design and user manual (godoc) Google books Ngram ... read more

Oct 22 2014 Links and more #19 links

ngx_pagespeed - Automatic PageSpeed optimization module for Nginx Minimal Perfect Hashing library for Go Material Design Icons jQuery Sparkline Raphaël JavaScript library for working with ... read more

Oct 12 2014 Links and more #18 links

Otto - a JavaScript interpreter in Go goquery - jQuery-like HTML-query library for Go robotstxt-go - robots.txt parser for Go purell - URL-normalization library for ... read more

Oct 10 2014 Links and more #17 links

PostgreSQL data type comparison: char vs. varchar vs. text gzip-compression support for Go’s HTTP (server) library B-Tree implementation and Left-Leaning Red-Black (LLRB) tree implementation for ... read more

Oct 8 2014 Links and more #16 links

Robomongo - a very nice, clean and cross-platform MongoDB administration GUI Naive Bayes and Text Classification I - Introduction and Theory Representing a graph using ... read more

Oct 5 2014 Links and more #15 links databases

OSM2World - 3D-Map based on OpenStreetMap-Data Bitcoin-Mining with pencil and paper awesome-javascript - collection of awesome browser-side JavaScript libraries Databases and related stuff Cassandra - ... read more

Sep 23 2014 Links and more #14 links

Vim (and Go) vim-go - Development-Environment for Go and Vim Vundle.vim - Plugin-manager for Vim YouCompleteMe - Code-completion engine for Vim tagbar - Tagbrowser (functions, ... read more

Aug 23 2014 Links and more #13 links

PEP 3107: Function annotations for Python 3 Awesome Lua - curated list of quality Lua packages and resources Video: A Tour of Cryptography Packages in ... read more

Aug 17 2014 Links and more #12 links

Visualization of the ELF-, PE- and ZIP-file headers Chesscademy - learn chess λ lessons - core functional programming concepts visualized hack programming language (superset of ... read more

Jul 22 2014 Links and more #11 links

Two talks about Higgs, a JIT compiler written in D: Video 1: Introduction at DConf 2013 and Video 2: Refactoring JIT Compilation at DConf 2014 ... read more

Jul 9 2014 Links and more #10 links

gocheck: Rich testing for the Go language Go’s NaCl implementation (djb’s NaCl website, used packages/algorithms: salsa, poly1305 and the elliptic curve curve25519) Ed25519: high-speed high-security ... read more

Jul 3 2014 Links and more #9 links

GCC 4.9 provides a complete implementation of the Go 1.2.1 release Writing a compiler in Ruby, bottom up A* search algorithm explored [Link 1 (de)] ... read more

Apr 12 2014 Links and more #8 links

An alternative full node bitcoin implementation written in Go (golang) Django-CMS 3.0 released How the Heartbleed bug works (XKCD) A Million-user Comet Application with Mochiweb ... read more

Mar 29 2014 Links and more #7 links

Writing a FUSE filesystem in Python Working with SQLite on Android Full Database Encryption for SQLite (Java) Phone number parsing/validation/formatting library for Android Command goimports ... read more

Oct 25 2013 Links and more #6 links

Errors detected in Open Source projects through static analysis BonsjaiJS – A lightweight graphics library with a graphics API and an SVG renderer. GopherCon 2014 ... read more

Sep 11 2013 Links and more #5 links golang

Cryptobox: A Crypto API – set of easy-to-use Crypto packages for Go modeled after djb’s NaCl library XKCD-style plots in Matplotlib GNU C Compiler Architecture ... read more

Aug 26 2013 Links and more #4 links golang

Golang gofpdf – native PDF document generator for Go without 3rd-party dependencies Golang Weekly – an email newsletter about Go (RSS available) Vegeta – HTTP ... read more

Aug 17 2013 Links and more #3 links

freiesMagazin - a free German CC-licensed and online-published FOSS magazine Elementary OS – an Ubuntu 12.04 based Linux distribution which focuses on usability, look and ... read more

Aug 3 2013 Interessantes #2 links interessantes golang apps

Der erste Teil lautet zwar “Interessante Links #1”, habe die Serie jedoch nun in ein allgemeines “Interessantes” für diesen und alle folgenden Teile umbenannt. Das ... read more

Jul 24 2013 Interessantes #1 links interessantes golang python crypto

A guide to analyzing Python performance - interessanter Artikel zur Analyse des Laufzeit- und Speicherverhaltens von Python-Scripts GoCI (Go Continuous Integration) - erlaubt es, die ... read more