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pongo2 v3 released pongo golang pongo2
published 3 years ago (Tue Oct 28 2014) – written in English English

I’m releasing pongo2 v3. v3 mainly got a few bug fixes and a slight, but important API change: All pongo2 compile and execute methods (i. e. From*() and Execute*()) are returning an error interface again (instead of *pongo2.Error). read more

Oct 4 2014 pongo2 v2 released pongo golang pongo2

I’m happy to release the first major update for pongo2: v2. It got a lot of new features and bug fixes. Thanks to all reporters ... read more

Aug 8 2014 pongo2 1.0 released pongo golang pongo2

I’m happy to announce pongo2 v1.0, the first stable release of my Django-syntax like template engine. pongo2 aims to be compatible with Django 1.7 with ... read more

Aug 1 2014 pongo2 playground pongo golang pongo2

Today I’m releasing the pongo2 playground as a service. The playground allows you to try pongo2 out, to work on templates with live-error checking and ... read more

Jul 30 2014 pongo2 1.0-RC1 released pongo golang pongo2

One month after releasing pongo2 beta to the public I’m happy to announce that I’ve released the first release candidate of pongo2 1.0, the first ... read more

Jun 29 2014 pongo2: Template-engine and successor of pongo pongo golang pongo2

Almost two years after releasing pongo, a Django-syntax like template-engine for Golang, I’m proud to announce that I’ve published a preview and beta of the ... read more