pongo2 1.0 released back to frontpage

I’m happy to announce pongo2 v1.0, the first stable release of my Django-syntax like template engine.

pongo2 aims to be compatible with Django 1.7 with regards to syntax, filters and tags. In combination with my official package pongo2-addons pongo2 offers even more filters/tags including humanization and markup features.

All version 1.x releases will remain backwards compatible (only API improvements are possible, but no changes to any existing API functions/symbols). You can use the special import path


to stick with version 1.x releases in your projects.

List of TODOs which could effect users of version 1.0:

  • tag verbatim does not take a parameter yet
  • block.super not supported yet
  • Value.Iterate() over strings is not utf-8 compatible yet (probably rarely used by users)

Please also have a look on the caveats and on the development status hints when using pongo2.

Please see my last blog post about pongo2 1.0-RC1 for more information about some nice pongo2 features and supported tags/filters.

pongo2 got a playground; feel free to play with it and to try pongo2 out.

I’m always glad about any feedback. I hope you enjoy this release!

(This blog post is almost identical to the release notes you can find here.)

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