pongo2 v3 released back to frontpage

I’m releasing pongo2 v3. v3 mainly got a few bug fixes and a slight, but important API change:

All pongo2 compile and execute methods (i. e. From*() and Execute*()) are returning an error interface again (instead of *pongo2.Error). Returning *pongo2.Error led to a weird error handling situation for the API user. Therefore I reverted this change again in v3. However, you can still use the new *pongo2.Error object by type asserting the returned error like this:

pongo_error_obj := err.(*pongo2.Error)

Other issues being fixed in v3:

I don’t expect any problems when upgrading from v2 to v3, but it got a new version number due to the slight API change.

I will provide the bugfixes for v2 users as well (v2.1). v1 is now deprecated and won’t receive updates anymore. Please upgrade to v3 if possible.

Install pongo2 v3 (recommended) by using the following command:

go get gopkg.in/flosch/pongo2.v3

To update pongo2 v2 to v2.1 (please use v3 if possible) use the following command:

go get -u gopkg.in/flosch/pongo2.v2

Documentation for pongo2 v3 is available here: http://godoc.org/gopkg.in/flosch/pongo2.v3

As always, thanks for your feedback and pull requests!

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  • Dec 23 2014 05:43:44 +0100 CET

    Thanks by Peter

    Awesome. Wow -- thanks for creating Pongo2. I was trying to do lots of heavy lifting with Go's html.template and was thinking..."I really wish it had some of Django/Jinja features....". Works great, and fast. Good work.