Hello and welcome to my new web page back to frontpage

Finally! It was on my to-do for a long time, but now it’s done: My new web blog is online. Since it’s developed entirely in Go (see footer) and is fully file-based it performs very well (not to say it’s blazingly fast).

In conjunction with my new web page I got a new server for my page from JiffyBox. In light of the privacy problems raised in the last few weeks, I took care of to not include or use any 3rd-party services for my new page (hence purely anything is served by my server). Neither Google servers or services nor Dropbox-hosting or Disqus. Anything is hosted locally. These are my personal consequences I draw from this incidents.


Even though I don’t use Analytics, I do use Piwik – a locally-hosted, free and open-source web analytics application. With respect to the privacy of my visitors, it takes account of both DNT (the Do-Not-Track-Extension which comes with all modern browsers) and IP-address-anonymization (cuts the last two bytes of the IP). Piwik supports explicit opt-out from any tracking.

What’s also new?

Well, as a regular you should have noticed that I’ve published this post (unlike all the others before) in English. I do want to share my opinions, projects and ideas with a broader audience and therefore will publish more and more posts in English. My previous German blog posts will remain online (and will be migrated to the new blog when I’ve got time to do). German posts will still be published in the future when appropriate.

I already mentioned the fully file-based back-end for my new blog system. This is very cool since I can now publish new blog posts by writing a plain text file in the Markdown format (which is, by the way, very pleasant when using gedit + syntax highlighting) and all the metadata in a JSON-encoded file. My application caches all data in order to reduce the amount of syscalls and HDD-activity. However, it recognizes blog post updates by checking the file modification date (this is why the sidebar on the left shows you a modification date in addition to the creation date) and updates all the caches when needed. Once I completed or updated a post, I can synchronize all the changes with the server using Unison. The (new) post appears instantly. Works like a charm for me.

I integrated some nice gimmicks into my site (like tag-based search) – you’ll discover them very quickly.

My new blog system provides the classic RSS feed. In addition to that I provide a JSON-file of all published posts and one JSON-file on a per-post basis (see left). In favor of the public I’ll publish most of my blog posts under a Creative Commons license (see left as well) which allows you to share, alter and remix my works.

What’s next?

I plan to add a commentary function (also based on JSON internally). When code clean-up is done, I’ll share the source of my blog application with you.

If you got any feedback for me related to my new site or my projects, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me via Jabber ([email protected]; OTR supported), mail ([email protected]; GPG-Key) or twitter (@florians).

Thanks for your interest! Stay tuned. :-)

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